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Hours of operation

AIA office is open from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.



AIA has 3 language offerings:  English, Chinese, and Khmer. 

  1. Full- day Bilingual program – students will study English and Chinese language and or other language that is offered at AIA.
  2. Full – day Khmer – students will study a complete English program and the complete Khmer program as mandated by the Ministry of Education.
  3. Half – day English – students will study English for a half day at AIA.


Payment Policies

  • Fees will be quoted in US Dollars on school invoices.
  • Payments can be made directly at the school Account Office in cash or by cheque.
  • Fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the student with the child’s name or invoice number as a reference of the payment
  • All tuition and fees are due on the indicated dates.  Payments late by two (2) weeks will incur additional 5% penalty charge.  If the payments are not paid for two (2) consecutive months, it is the parent’s responsibility to arrange a meeting with the School Director or Finance Officer.  A fee repayment plan may be considered at the school’s discretion.  Failure to make two (2) consecutive payments of communication with the school, the child may be suspended until all the outstanding payments are overdue charges are fully paid.


Tuition fees must be paid during the first week of each term. Fees must be paid for any term that a student begins. If payments are not received within during the payment week, late charges will apply. The school charges $25 for each week the payment is late, including the week during which payment is received. If payment is not received after thirty school-days, the school reserves the right to suspend a child’s enrollment until payment is received in full, and late payment fees are paid. If payments are still not brought up to date after forty-five school-days, the school reserves the right to terminate the child’s enrollment.



Drop off and pick up

Arrival and Dismissal Time

Students may be dropped off any time after 7:00 am.  The official dismissal times are 11:00am (half day) and 3:30 pm (full day).


Please be sure to communicate with your child’s teacher for any changes in dismissal routines. Please note that children can only ride different buses home if there is available space that day, and if parental permission in writing is provided.  In an emergency you may call us at school (097 967 78 78/ 099 76 78 78/ 096 876 78 78) and we will be sure to inform your child’s teacher. Unless informed in writing or by phone, your child will follow normal procedures. Please also send a note to your child’s teacher if your child is to be picked up a person other than a parent.



If your child will be absent from school for any reason, please be sure to call our administrative office as shown in school contact detail. We will then notify their teacher. (Do not call the teacher directly.)







Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time.  For the safety and security of all school personnel and students, all visitors must sign in. As an added safety policy, if you need to visit the school and your child is not present please call the school to make an appointment.  Come to the school office and our head teacher will make a conference with you.


Residence change/Personal information

Please alert the school office when you move homes or need to make any changes to you or your child’s personal information.  This must be done immediately so our records can be as up to date as possible.


Inclement weather/crisis

In the case of inclement weather or in a crisis, you will be notified either by phone or through our SMS system.  In the case of inclement weather, only in the most severe cases will the school close early.  If the school closes early, you will be notified to pick up your child.  You will also be notified when the school will open again.


Indoor shoes

All children will be provided a pair of indoor shoes.  In addition, all children need a pair of non-marking sport shoes for PE (physical education).



AIA students are expected to read each day. In Grade 2, students begin to complete short assignments, sometimes calling for the practice of acquired skills. As students mature, homework involving the extension of class works


Drinking Water

All children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day. Your child may be asked to bring a plastic cup or a water bottle labeled with their name. These will remain at school for daily use.



AIA is committed to ongoing and open communication with parents. We ask you to call or contact us by e-mail as any questions or concerns arise regarding school operations or policies. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please write a message to the teacher in the All About My Day Book. You need to meet with a teacher please contact them in advance to schedule a mutually convenient time. Formal Parent-Teacher conferences are held termly during the school year.  Conference dates are included on the AIA web page and school calendar. You will receive advanced notice of the time and date for your conferences.


A newsletter will be sent home at the end of each unit to show parents and the community what each class are doing and learning.  Parents of enrolled students are invited to read a weekly blog posting by the teachers.  This weekly “Highlights” bulletin is sent directly to your email. Increasingly, we strive to communicate electronically to reduce paper.


Class Sizes

Class sizes in AIA usually range between 18 and 22 students. Nursery classes usually have no more than 18 students and 2 dedicated full time classroom assistant. Kindergarten classes will range from 18 – 20 students and the number of Teaching Assistants will vary on need. Primary classes will range from 18 – 22 students occasionally class sizes may exceed this number to support personal family circumstances but will receive regular teacher assistant support as appropriate.





We bring quality and efficient education system for our children. Our investment in education sector is not primarily aimed at generating profit but at providing efficient and quality education to our younger generation in their most formative and important years which will form a strong foundation for their development in the future.



AIA Olympic Campus: #27 St.193 Corner of St.328 Sangkat Tuol Svay Prey 1, Khan Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh
099 76 78 78. 096 876 78 78. 097 976 78 78

AIA Tuol Kork Campus: #8 St.335 Corner of St.566 Sangkat Boeung Kok 1, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh
061 52 78 78. 069 52 78 78. 067 73 78 78

AIA Chamkar Doung Campus: #250 St.60D Thmey Village, Sangkat Dangkor, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh
099 92 78 78. 087 84 78 78. 090 52 78 78

Email: [email protected]